CL child lovebirds x 3 -$15.00

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***Reserved For BH***

  • 100% Cotton Gauze  125gsm No Stretch
    100% Cotton WOVEN 170gsm No Stretch
    95/5 Cotton Lycra 260gsm 4-way Stretch
    95/5 Rayon French Terry 280gsm 4-way Stretch
    95/5 Bamboo Lycra 240gsm 4-way Stretch
    93/7 Swim 250gsm 4-way Stretch
    100% Poly Boardshort 120gsm No Stretch
    80/20 Athletic Knit 260gsm 4-way Stretch

    92/8 DREAMY double-

    sided stretch minky

    350gsm 4-way Stretch
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