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Shop Policies


Designs are digitally printed on. Imperfections are common along the selvage edges. All yards will be one cut continuously, if possible, unless otherwise noted.  



All ordering can be done through Retail and preorder may be ordered together but it will result in your retail order being held until preorder is ready to ship. If you would like your retail sooner please make two purchases. Use code HOLD to hold retail if purchasing together.



Fabric shipping costs are based on the amount of yardage being shipped. 2 Adult Panels = 1 yard and 8 Child Panels = 1 yard.


The following Domestic Shipping rates will be automatically calculated at checkout based on an approximation of the weight and thickness of the fabric ordered. Dreamy DBP is THICK and does not meet these calculations.

$10 Flat rate shipping applies on all domestic priority orders for 2020. 


0-1 yard: $6.00 (insurance NOT included but may be purchased)

1-3 yards: $10.00***

3-9 yards: $10.00***

9-16 yards: $10.00***

***Includes $50 insurance. Additional insurance may be purchased.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is discounted $10 on orders over $50usd. Shipping will be invoiced separately. 

Orders over 18 yards and all International Orders (including Canada) will be calculated individually at the lowest cost available and invoiced separately. All customs fees and VAT is the responsibility of the buyer.


Shipping can be combined with a previous order if you would like to add to an order that has not yet been shipped. We cannot manually do this so you will need to place an additional order and note “combine with (order#)”. You will initially be charged for shipping, but if we are able to combine with your previous order, we will refund you any existing overages.



Prices are subject to change. Retail is not guaranteed.



Layaway is available on preorders. To use layaway, apply the code LAYAWAY which will discount your order so that you are paying 50% of your total plus shipping. The remaining balance invoiced within once the preorder is closed and you will have stated weeks to pay the remainder of the balance. ***IMPORTANT: Failure to pay the remainder due in the allotted time frame will result in the cancellation of your order and the forfeiture of any payments already made towards the order.



Wholesale pricing is available on any order if you order 10+ yards of ONE print on ONE base - please enter code: 10OFF to receive 10% off your order. If ordering with additional smaller quantities, please make two orders and make a note for them to be combined.



Once the pre-order is closed and the order is placed with the printer it usually arrives to me within 6-8 weeks but please understand that there are occasional delays and it could take up to 12 weeks. Any delays will be communicated.


Wash on a gentle cycle with COLD water alone or with like colors. Shrinkage is to be expected. Dry on HOT to maximize shrinkage before cutting. DO NOT BLEACH.



Please inspect your fabric for any flaws within 3 business days of receiving your order (based on USPS tracking/delivery scan) and BEFORE washing or cutting it. A refund, replacement or discount will be offered if your fabric is shorter than 36" upon receiving it, your fabric has undisclosed atypical flaws NOT along the selvage, or your fabric has a flaw larger than the size of a nickel and affects the nature of the print. Small white dots and faint color lines are common in small batch printed fabric. Knit fabric is also prone to stretching as it prints which may result in a slight distortion along the edges which is generally fixed with prewashing. None of these will be considered flaws, please keep this in mind when placing an order. I will do my best to catch any flaws but please contact me with any concerns.


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