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   -Child panel is approximately 15"x18"

   -Youth panel is approximately 18"x21"

   -Adult panel is approximately 26"x30"

   -0-6M Muse panel is approximately 8"x19.5" (designed to fit the Stich Upon A Time Muse Playsuite)

   -9M-2T Muse panel is approximately 9"x28" (designed to fit the Stich Upon A Time Muse Playsuite)

*Each base varies slightly*


Panel - Simple Tree on Canvas Sky

  • 100% Cotton Gauze  125gsm No Stretch
    100% Cotton WOVEN 170gsm No Stretch
    95/5 Cotton Lycra 260gsm 4-way Stretch
    95/5 Rayon French Terry 280gsm 4-way Stretch
    95/5 Bamboo Lycra 240gsm 4-way Stretch
    93/7 Swim 250gsm 4-way Stretch
    100% Poly Boardshort 120gsm No Stretch
    80/20 Athletic Knit 260gsm 4-way Stretch

    92/8 DREAMY double-

    sided stretch minky

    350gsm 4-way Stretch
  • Oftentimes there are 9"-17" of extra fabric. Sometimes these are sold as "short cuts" but we've decided to leave them attached as we know sometimes you need just a *little* bit more than a yard but not 2 full yards. This will allow you the option to buy them at a possible discount as a continuous cut. 

    These "End of Bolt" cuts are available ONLY with the minimum purchase of one yard and only when available. Every now and then there will be more than one of these available but that means that there are TWO non-continuous LONG YARDS. You cannot add two "EOB" to ONE yard, it just won't work that way! 

    If you do not want to purchase this extra, no problem; we will cut it off and throw it in the short cut bin. There's no pressure! 

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